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Industrial Parks for SMEs


Accommodating industrialists enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

DBM, pioneer in the provision of factory space to SMEs and entrepreneurs:

1. DBM constructed three Industrial Parks for SMEs at La Tour Koenig and Terre Rouge in 2009, and La Ferme, Rodrigues in …..

2. DBM also converted into SME units, one building block at its Valentina, Phoenix industrial estate in 2009, and two building blocks at its Coromandel industrial estate in 2018

3. DBM further acquired three Industrial Parks for SMEs at La Tour Koenig, Bambous (La Valette) and Roche Bois from Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd in 2018 

These 8 Industrial Parks comprise of some 180 SME units with a total factory space of around 22,000m2.

La Tour Koenig SME park

Location : La Tour Koenig, Industrial Zone
Block : 4

Terre Rouge SME Park

Location : Terre Rouge, Military Road
Block : 4

La Ferme Rodrigues SME Park

Location : Rodrigues, La Ferme
Block : 8

Valentina Phoenix SME Park

Location : Phoenix, Valentina Industrial Zone
Block : 1

Coromandel SME Park

Location : Coromandel, Industrial Zone
Block : 2

La Tour Koenig SME Park

Location : La Tour Koenig, Industrial Zone
Block : 10

La Valette SME Park

Location : Bambous (La Valette)
Block : 10

Roche Bois SME Park

Location : Roche Bois, Abattoir Road
Block : 1