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DBM - Development Bank of Mauritius

The Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (DBM) supports the start-up and growth of entrepreneurs since more than 80 years. DBM Financial Services Ltd (DBMFS), a fully owned subsidiary of the Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (DBM), is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under License Number LC19000007 to conduct leasing activities. DBMFS provides Leasing facilities to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and finance Equipment & Vehicles under Finance Lease to support businesses.


DBM Leasing is the Trade name which DBMFS uses to market its leasing products.

DBM FINANCIAL SERVICES Ltd (DBMFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of DBM Ltd (incorporated on 29 July 2002) whose initial main activity was to recover debts of the EX-MCCB Ltd (in liquidation). In January 2008, DBMFS, duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission, started its activities as an insurance agent of SICOM. As from 27 April 2021, the company has been granted an extended licence by the FSC to sell products (Life and General) for SWAN and MUA.

Under the Mentoring & Hand Holding Programme, our dedicated Mentors will hold regular meetings over a period of 12 months that would provide you with

The Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd has always been committed to address the issues of environmental and climate changes in the country. It has been the first financial institution to provide finance for the purchase of solar water heaters in order to encourage people to adopt renewable energy sources for their domestic consumption.

Now it has incorporated DBM Energy Ltd, its wholly owned subsidiary, to invest the renewable energy sector.

DBM Energy Ltd aims to tap non productive surface areas such building roof tops and reservoirs instead of land which is limited in the country to produce electricity from PV plants.