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Industrial Estates & Buildings


Accommodating industrialists enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

DBM, pioneer in the provision of factory space to SMEs and entrepreneurs:

1. Plaine Lauzun Industrial Estate

In the 1960s, the Government decided to establish a first industrial estate to provide a site with the necessary services (electricity, water, telecommunication and sewerage) and factory buildings for lease to industrialists so as to allow them devote their scarce capital resources for the purchase of production machinery and the provision of working capital requirements.

DBM was entrusted the pioneering role of construction and management of this first industrial estate, which was developed in the Plaine Lauzun industrial zone during the period 1967 to 1977:  9 building blocks, with all necessary infrastructures and services, were constructed on State lands, leased from Government (1 at Bell Village and 8 at Plaine Lauzun) to meet the increasing demand from industrialists.  In the year 2008, DBM acquired the 11th building block at Plaine Lauzun from the Receiver/Manager of the Company “Manupan Limitee”.

DBM’s industrial estate at Plaine Lauzun has a total factory space of around 42,000m2 occupying 16 Arpents 86 Perches of Government-leased lands accommodating manufacturing units and other enterprises.

2. Coromandel Industrial Estate

DBM acquired around 57 Arpents of land in 1972 at Coromandel to establish a second industrial estate.  DBM developed the land, brought the necessary services, and sub-divided it into smaller plots for lease to industrialists for development of their enterprises.  DBM also constructed 19 building blocks, with all necessary infrastructures and services, during the period 1975 to 1980 for lease to industrial enterprises.

In 2003, Government acquired for the DBM an additional 21 Arpents of land along Richelieu Branch Road, adjoining the Coromandel industrial estate.  The land has been developed and is leased to industrialists for development of their enterprises.

DBM’s industrial estate at Coromandel has presently a total factory space of around 53,000m2 accommodating manufacturing units and other enterprises, and around 30 Arpents of industrial lands leased to industrialists/enterprises.

3. La Tour Koenig Industrial Estate

DBM also acquired some 220 Arpents of land at La Tour Koenig in 1973 for development into another fully serviced industrial estate.  The lands, sub-divided into smaller plots, have been mainly leased to industrialists.

4. Valentina, Phoenix Industrial Estate

This fully serviced industrial estate, covering 35 Arpents of land acquired in 1975, was developed in the 1980s.  It comprised mainly of lands leased to industrialists which have constructed their factories thereon.

DBM has also one building block of 3,500m2 accommodating several tenants.

5. Triolet Industrial Estate

DBM acquired the factory premises of the Bonair Group at Bonair Road, Triolet, covering 16 Arpent of land, in 2002, and sub-divided the building blocks into smaller units for lease to enterprises. The total factory space is around 19,000m2 and is occupied by manufacturing units/enterprises.

6. Camp du Roi, Rodrigues

DBM constructed an industrial building of 2,700m2 on State land at Camp du Roi, which is leased to enterprises.

7. Other Industrial Buildings

DBM acquired industrial buildings at Les Pailles, Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes, Solferino Vacoas, and Surinam. These buildings of total area 8,700 m(square) are leased to several tenants.

Plaine Lauzun Industrial Estate

Location : Port Louis, Bell Village
Block : 1

Plaine Lauzun Industrial Estate

Location : Plaine Lauzun, Industrial Zone
Block : 9 (Stage I – VII; LC I & II)

Coromandel Industrial Estate

Location : Coromandel, Industrial Zone
Block : 17 (Block 1 – 17)

Valentina Industrial Estate

Location : Phoenix, Valentina Industrial Zone
Block : 1

Triolet Industrial Estate

Location : Triolet, Bonair Road
Block : 5

Camp du Roi Industrial Building

Location : Rodrigues, Camp du Roi
Block : 1

Les Pailles Industrial Building

Location : Les Pailles, Pailles Road
Block : 1

Bassin Industrial Building

Location : Quatre Bornes, Bassin Road
Block : 1

Solferino Industrial Building

Location : Vacoas, Solferino, Solferino Branch Road
Block : 1

Surinam Industrial Building

Location : Souillac Cemetery Road
Block : 10