Office/Commercial Properties

FLQ1Latapie Road, Dodo Lane, Brisee VerdiereLand of 717.55 m2 or 17 perches together with an incomplete 2-storey concrete commercial building of 1465m2 or 15,763ft2 thereonView Site
FLQ6Lot No 1, Toory Road, Bon AcceuilResidential land 240 m2 or 5.69 perches, together with an incomplete residential building of 95.5m2 or 1030ft2 thereonView Site
FLQ10Bel Air Riviere Seche, Flacq Residential land of 263.8 m2 or 6.25 perches together with an incomplete building thereonView Site
FLQ11St Julien Village, opposite Domaine du SucreResidential land of 753.40 m2 or 17.85 perchesView Site
FLQ12Lallbahadur Shastri Road,St Julien D'hotmanResidential land 522.8 m2 or 12.38 perchesView Site
FLQ13Lot No 4, Petite EtoileAgricultural land of 3,800m2 or 90 perches View Site
FLQ23 Quatre Soeurs, FlacqAgricultural land of 8,442 m2 or 2 ArpentsView Site
FLQ25Petite RetraiteAgricultural land of 4,221 m2 or 1Arpent together with an incomplete poultry building made of metal framed structure and metal sheetView Site
GRP2Joli Bois, Grand PortResidential land of 278.6 m2 or 6.60 perchesView Site
MKA1Pieter Both, La Laura, MokaAgricultural land of 2,110.43 m2 or 50 perchesView Site
MKA2Jagriti Road, MelroseResidential land of 548.10 m2 or 13 perchesView Site
MKA6 Lot No. 3, Camp Thorel, MokaResidential land of 1,130 m2 or 26.77 perchesView Site
MKA9Montagne Blanche Agricultural land of an extent of 8442m2 or 2 Arpents, together with a concrete poultry building of 240m2 or 2582ft2 thereonView Site
PLS4Balisage Road, Roche BoisResidential land of 549.87m2 or 13 perchesView Site
PLS563C, Ste Marie Street, Morcellement Champville, Ste CroixResidential land of 100 toisesView Site
PLW4 Forest Side, Plaines Wilhems Land of 284.09 m2 or 6.73 perches together with a commercial building of 154.44m2 or 1662ft2thereonView Site
PLW15Ruelle Frere Ignace, adjoining Shell Filling Station, opposite Royal College, curepipeTwo contiguous plots of land of a total area of 729m2 or 17.27 perches together with a 7-storey commercial building of 3860m2 or 41,534ft2 thereonView Site
PPM5Calebasses, PamplemoussesResidential land of 167.67m2 or 4 perchesView Site
PPM7St Andre Road, Morcellement St AndreResidential land of 418.97m2 or 9.93 perchesView Site
PPM14Montagne LongueLand of 1330 m2 or 31.5 perches together with a residential building of 125m2 or 1345ft2 thereonView Site
RDR4Morcellement VRS, St AntoineResidential land of 301m2 or 7.13 perchesView Site
SAV8New Grove Road, B 82, Riviere du PosteResidential land of 435.65 m2 or 10.32 perchesView Site


Hedley Daugnette

Tel:  203 3600

(Ext: 104)


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