Loans which do not fall under the Micro Credit Scheme and SME financing Scheme will be sanctioned under the normal loan scheme.

Trade Sector

  • Services – setting up, expansion, modernisation, computerisation, working capital finance;
  • Any other related activity

Transport Sector

  • Transport – purchase of public service vehicle (taxis, buses, lorries, heavy plant and equipment etc);
  • Any other related activity

Construction Sector & Purchase of Land for agricultural/commercial purpose

  • Construction – purchase of land for commercial purpose, construction /purchase of commercial or office building;
  • Any Other Related Agricultural / Commercial Activity

Computer Loan for individuals

  • Purchase of computer/laptops/ipad, smart phones, printers & assorted equipment


  • Art – art exhibition, recordings, stage plays, publication of books; working capital
  • Any other related activity
Maximum Loan Amount 75% cost of project up to a ceiling of Rs 3M

For Computer Loan – 80% of Cost of Project up to a ceiling of Rs 50,000-

Interest Rate 10% p.a.
Penalty Rate 2% p.a. above normal interest rate
Repayment Period Up to 5 years depending on projects
Moratorium During gestation/implementation period
  • Individuals, Societies or Companies holding valid licences/permits
  • Registered local and export-oriented SMEs
  • Projects recommended by Economic Development Board (Enterprise Mauritius, BOI), Tourism Authority, SME Mauritius (SMEDA/MyBiz, NEF, National Women Entrepreneur Council) and other relevant institutions, Small businesses holding a Business Registration Card

Loan Application

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