Berguitta Rehabilitation Loan Scheme

Following the passage of tropical cyclone Berguitta associated with heavy rainfall over the island, the Bank has set up a Rehabilitation Loan Scheme to provide immediate financial support  to sugar cane, vegetables, fruits and flowers planters whose fields have been affected.

The particulars of the Scheme are as follows:

Purpose of Loan Rehabilitation of sugar cane, vegetable, fruit and flower cultivation and
hydroponic units affected by climatic condition
Maximum Loan Amount

  1. Sugar cane
  2. Vegetables, fruits and flowers
  3. Hydroponics units

  1. Rs10,000 per Arpent
  2. Rs35,000 per Arpent
  3. Rs75,000 per unit
Interest Rate 3% p.a.
Repayment Period

  1. Vegetable, fruits & flower growers, hydroponics
  2. Sugar cane growers
  1. 4 years (including 6 months moratorium during which interest will be 0%p.a))
  2. 5 years (including 1 year moratorium during which interest will be 0%p.a))
  1. General Floating Charge, after any existing charges, on borrowers’ assets
  2. Decreasing Term Assurance
Eligibility Sugar cane – Certificate from MCIA evidencing substantial damage

Vegetables, fruits and flowers –Recommended by FAREI

Loan Application

I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate.